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Over the years, PME Group has built a solid track record in many different asset classes and sectors of real estate. Our references consist of a large number of developed, realized and renovated projects throughout Europe. PME Group has been involved in these projects as a consultant, broker or (co-)developer. Please find a selection of our references below.

Room Mate Bruno - Pakhuismeesteren

Rotterdam (NL)

On Rotterdam's Wilhelminakade, Pakhuismeesteren is the last historic building that has been redeveloped. The cattle building, which took over part of the Rotterdam tea trade from the Dutch East India Company ("V.O.C.") in 1818, has been transformed into a hotel, a supermarket and food court. The design by AWG Architects was nominated for the prestigous 'Gouden Feniks Awards' in 2018.

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Essent Headquarters

's-Hertogenbosch (NL)

In 1956 energy company PNEM 's (now merged into Essent) headquarters was built at the Willemsplein in 's-Hertogenbosch. The building designed by architect ir. C. H. de Bever is considered part of the Traditionalist School ("Delftse School").

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Kennedy Tower

Eindhoven (NL)

The Kennedy Toren office building is part of the Kennedy Business Center and is located at the head of the Kennedylaan, right next to Eindhoven Central Station.

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