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PME Group is a family owned business that has been involved in many leading transactions and developments on the pan-European real estate market for over 30 years. Through years of experience and services provided to customers all over the world, we have built a powerful international relationship network which we use to serve our clients in the best possible way.

Our history

The company was founded by Ronald Kortrink. Since the early 1980's he made his mark in the international real estate business. After employments at a number of financial institutions, Ronald has been active as a shareholder and chairman of the WPM Groep (now Colliers). Under Ronald's supervision WPM Groep became the largest real estate management company in the Netherlands, a position which the company retained for over 2 decades.


Together with then co-WPM shareholder Albert van Stek the current organization (PME Group) was founded in 2006. The PME Group includes PME Investment Services B.V., from which the investment related activities are managed, and PME Project Management B.V.


As of today the childeren of both founders are active within the company or involved as a shareholder, ensuring long-term continuity.

Because of the corporate structure and culture which characterize the PME Group we are, more than our competitors, able to maintain long-term relationships and to always walk the extra mile for the best results.


Our philosophy is to maintain a blend of senior employees and young talent within our company. We believe in the power of knowledge and experience, but also recognize the need for energy and innovation.


By combining our market intelligence and experience with creative solutions our professionals are able to present options, advise and insights that help clients achieve their business objective. This is always done by means of a personal approach to our clients where keeping the bigger picture in scope is essential, always keeping an eye on the details.

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